aaron2aaron hines is a healthcare professional, director of training and instructor at cycle house, personal trainer and appeared on the on e!’s former reality series“hollywood cycle.”


aaron’s intense style, ability to inspire and true passion for fitness are key ingredients to his immense success. aaron attended high school in san francisco where he started as a 3 sport athlete, participating in football, basketball and track. He then earned a football scholarship to uc davis where he majored in communications with a double minor in african american studies and sociology.


upon graduation, aaron began his career in healthcare working for pfizer About Aaron Hinespharmaceuticals and after three years, he was promoted to the bigger market of los angeles where his journey in the fitness world began. aaron realized this passion naturally as an avid indoor cyclist, taking his sister nichelle’s class, and in a very short period of time realized his true potential. aaron started his career as an indoor cycling instructor in september 2011 when cycle house first opened their doors in west hollywood. aaron simultaneously continued his career in healthcare, moving from pfizer to allergan pharmaceuticals in 2013.


aaron’s cycling class has become one of the most sought after workout classes in all of los angeles. aaron is the director of training for cycle house, where all new potential teachers must pass his rigorous 3 month class. he also has a full roster of clients for personal training and boxing. whether you are in aaron’s cycling class or hitting the mitts, you can be expect to challenge yourself and be pushed to a level you never thought possible.